These are our Plants, Flowers & Shrubs

Whether you’re looking for summer bedding plants, perennial flowers, or shrubs to add to your garden’s structure, we’ve got you covered. We offer various plants and flowers, including hardy perennials, vibrant annuals, and show-stopping shrubs. With our selection, you can create a garden that will impress all year round, no matter the season. At Bashley Plant Centre, we pride ourselves on growing many of our own plants and flowers, and our team is always on hand to offer advice on selecting the right plants for your garden, from choosing the perfect location in your garden to tips on how to best care for them.


Evergreen plants and bushes are a staple in any garden, providing year-round colour, texture, and structure. We proudly offer a range of vibrant, low-maintenance options at Bashley Plant Centre.

Plants & Flowers

From rhododendrons and grasses to perennials and lupins, we’ve got what you need to create a stunning garden. Check out our delphinium, busy lizzies, and fuchsias on your next visit.


We offer a vast selection of shrubs, from evergreens to deciduous, compact to towering, and flowering to non-flowering, including screening options to add privacy to your garden.

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